Version 1.3

We have had reports that it is noto possible to load pictures after software update.

We have released an update that addresses this problem.

Version 1.2

There are some reports that it is not possible to load photographs after update.

We have fixed the problem, and are waiting approval by Apple.

You can load photographs by opening new work or past works.

You can open new work by "Works" button > "Open New" button.

You can open past work by "Works" button and selecting on the icon that you want to open.

Version 1.2


Version 1.2

アップデート後に写真が読み込めなくなるという報告が一部あり、ただ今修正版をAppleに申請中ですが一度「Works」ボタンをタッチして過去の作品を読み込むか「Open New」ボタンから新しく始めていただくと問題なく写真が読み込めるようになっております。お手数おかけしますがよろしくお願いいたします。

You can continue to edit your past works.




Photo Ripper Finger Design

Photoビリビリ ゆびさきデザイン

© 2010 Ao Acato/Cyclohexa-design Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved.




iPad Applications

You may freely use artworks created using the "Finger Design" application series for personal use and/or professional use.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know if you are using it as a product (or a part thereof), so we can introduce your creations on our homepage.

This does not mean that we are giving up our rights to the materials and drawings that we provide as part of the software. Therefore, we do not permit re-distribution of our materials and drawings as whole or as in part.

We sincerely hope that we can add some extra color to your life, through your use of the "Finger Design" series software.



Questions or comments? Please contact us.

About your artworks


An iPad only app that lets you rip, cut and arrange photos. This is the lesser version of "Finger Design Photo Collage", that gives you basic functionality, but without all the materials. Please supply your own photos to use this app. By tracing with your finger, you can cut as well as rip realistically to create your own work of art. Enjoy this artistic application by creating original albums, greeting cards, and photo collages.